Free Movement Massage Therapy uses a whole person approach to wellness.   The current health care model has recently changed to improve awareness of how many aspects of our lives are interconnected with our health.  The new model is called the bio-psycho-social model, which simply put, means that our health is affected by physical and physiological influences (bio), psychological influences ie: what we think, feel and believe (psycho), and social influences (relationships,  interactions, and environment).   Acknowledging how all these layers of well being affect us can help us heal and look at areas in our lives that could be contributing to chronic stress and held tension in our physical bodies.   

At Free Movement Massage Therapy,  you, the client, are the captain of the ship in this healing journey.   You will be supported and empowered to listen to your inner sense of knowing.  We are here to offer top notch massage therapy approaches which include manual therapy work, therapeutic exercise, mind-body awareness techniques, movement awareness,  and cutting edge education.    We are always updating our skills via continuing education courses, new research, and focus groups with other practitioners across the nation.